View raw output for critical events across servers
Setup in less than 5 seconds and stay on top of your Linux servers
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Raw output. No learning curve.
You already know how to interpret the output of standard commands. SeaLion lets you view raw output of all commands across multiple servers.
Quickly identify critical issues
SeaLion gives you a graphical overview of server activity. View performance of system/custom metrics across multiple servers at a glance. The horizon charts makes it easy for you to identify patterns and find critical issues.
Historical analysis
Go back in time to identify cause of performance degradation, fix problems and optimise server performance by several notches.
Proactive monitoring
SeaLion lets you set up alerts for important metrics and custom commands. Proactively monitor the health of your servers and avert bad customer experience.
Service Integrations
Comes bundled with popular services. Use SeaLion custom framework to create your own.
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